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Faberge Egg by the Russian Imperial Jeweller. Wartski jewellers 14 Grafton Street, Mayfair will be showing the Faberge, gold & diamond Easter Egg, circa 1887,once given to Empress Maria Feodorovna by Emperor Alexander 111. Recently rediscovered in America at a scrap metal merchants.


Faberge Easter Egg  amazingly rediscovered in America after having been “lost” for decades. Wartski Jewellers  will be putting the  Faberge egg on show for 4 days only 14-18th April 2014, at their  shop on 14 Grafton street Mayfair, London. The gold and diamond egg hides a magnificent Vacheron & Constantin watch. The egg, 8.2 cms in height, was made in the workshop of Faberge’s chief jeweller, August Holmstrom, in St Petersburg 1886-1887. Emperor Alexander 111 gave the Faberge egg to the Empress Maria Feodorovna Easter 1887.


“La Variabile Umana”. “The Human Factor”. Recent Italian Film Noir (2013) Starring Silvio Orlando,Giuseppe Battiston, Sandra Ceccarelli, Alice Raffaelli. Presented in London during Cinema Made in Italy 2014.

The Human Factor

The Human Factor Italian suspense drama presented in London during “Cinema made in Italy”. & Initially presented during the Swiss lakeside Locarno Film Festival, August 2013. Starring Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Batiston, Sandra Ceccarelli, & Alice Raffaelli. First feature length film directed by Documentary maker, Bruno Oliviero.Cinematography by Renaud Pensonnaz created a modern  Italian ambiance. The story unfolds as the leading character, investigating a murder, makes certain realisations in his job as a policeman,with the palpable presence of the past, trying to overcome the death of his wife. The role of the policeman gives an imprint to the style. As well as a fresh angle on Life as it deconstructs the  Noir film a l’Italien. Silvio Orlando’s teenage daughter, desperate for attention, blurs the boundaries of the genre. Annecy France Cinema 2013,Special Jury Award Best Actor.Can thoroughly recommend this elegant Italian Film Noir. The  interrogations of the film’s final scenes are intriguing.

HumanFactoritfilm3 humanfactoritfilm

Salamander. A sophisticated European politico/thriller series set in Brussels. Star cast led by Filip Peeters. Arrow Films launch the 12 part series on DVD, on 17/03/2014. Recently shown on BBC4


Salamander. Sophisticated politico/thriller. BBC 4’s recent,12 part, saturday nite thriller following on the Nordicnoir films has been Salamander.A flemish language Belgian police drama. Sleek Filip Peeters leads a good cast. This is a European story, set in Brussels, drawing in strands of a Political thriller with a police investigation. Smooth action, no bad language,  a sophisticated, intriguing story, enjoyable sat nite viewing.Arrow films, as part of their quality International quality crime series, are launching the 12 part Salamander series on DVD from March 17th. Arrow Films also  distribute the Bafta Award winning Nordic noir  series Borgen,The Killing, The Bridge .


J.Robert Scott. US Patents for outstanding American “Ombre” Laquered furniture, & glamourous leather sofas in a unique colour palette.

Richard Chilcott

Richard Chilcott at J.Robert Scott showed us a fabulous collection of “Ombre” shaded lacquered furniture, and interiors for apartments & airplanes. Careful preparation of the maplewood surfaces to be lacquered & the selection of a Pantone tint for the eventual colour, the US patented process for “Ombre” takes 16 weeks to produce the finished product. With  a factory in Los Angeles, this is American expertise at its best. Richard Chilcott showed us a range of precious, great to handle, fabrics in a palette of Beiges moving to Greys, GREIGE. Applications from Classic to Contemporary. Strictly exquisite American Luxury.home furnishings. J.Robert Scott has a sensational selection of colours for their super soft super kid leather, one of their best selling ranges, used for occasional seats & glamourous sofas. J.Robert Scott famous for their sleek furniture Made In America.           London Design Week, Chelsea Harbour.

Watts of Westminster. Sensational Hand Block large scale patterned Wallpaper tradition. London Design Week Chelsea Harbour.


Watts of Westmister gave a fascinating talk about their hand blocked wallpapers. The links to famous architects is well documented as is Watts’ link to Pugin. The significance of hand blocking to obtain a  large scale historic  patterns. The hand finishing ensures an in depth tactile surface effect. Depth of colours, & sensational Genoese flock wallpapers.  Famous patterns include Ravenna, Pear,Malmesbury,Baroque. The old pear wood blocks are being replaced by an exciting new blocking process using composite blocks. London Design Week Chelsea Harbour.

Venetian Rubelli’s stunning new Textiles @ London Design Week. Rubelli linen fabric nominated “Best Textile” @ Maison et Objet Paris 2014.


Rubelli Textiles recent best textile prize winners  @ Maison et Objet, Paris .       Rubelli’s Design Director, Alberto Pezzato during his presentation of Italian textile Rubelli’s latest fabrics. Rubelli is a historic Italian Family owned business based in Venice. Specialising in high quality Textiles for interiors, curtains,upholstery, wall coverings.  Rubelli was winner of another prestigious prize at the recent Maison & Objet show in Paris Jan 2014, Best Fabric for  a stunning quality linen fabric in an excellent palette of colours. The silk fabrics are of a quality that springs back in the hand, the colours are glorious & the  shimmering “legendary Fortuny inspired” “distressed” textiles, shot with gold threads, are perfectly adapted to a modern or a classic interior. Some of the new designs are inspired by Gio Ponte designs.  Quite unique are the classic patterns on graph paper backgrounds, so contemporary in aspect.Rubelli creates a range also for the Hotel  Trade of hard wearing Italian manufactured Trevira. London Design Week 2014 Chelsea Harbour. 

Italian Film Premiere.”Viva la Liberta”. Scintillating, sophisticated, witty farce of modern day Italy.Italian Director Roberto Ando, adapted from his 2012 book,”Il Trono Vuoto”. Starring Tony Servillo (star of 2014 Oscar winner “Great Beauty”) also starring Valerio Mastandrea, & Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. A modern day Political fairytale.


“Viva La Liberta”. Scintillating Italian film, Directed by Italian Roberto Ando, adapted from his 2012 book, “Il Trono Vuoto”, “The Empty Throne”, which won the “Premio Campiello Opera Prima” prize. The book gave rise to much discussion in Italy when it was published with a famous article in Panorama, the Italian news magazine. “Viva La Liberta” was released in Italy 14th February 2014, just before the recent elections. “Viva La Liberta” had its UK Premiere last nite at the Institut Francais, Cine Lumiere,London in conjunction with Film Italia. “Viva La Liberta” stars Toni Servillo (star of 2014 Oscar winner “Great Beauty”) Valerio Mastandrea, & Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. The audience appreciated a witty & sophisticated film. A political Italian farce. A film in the best tradition of Italy’s  “Commedia dell’Arte”. A divine story of political apocalypse so hilarious & tragic, in a more profound degree. A fictionalised life of an imaginary Politician in Italy. A snapshot homage to the legendary Federico Fellini is included in the film, when Fellini voiced his feelings about Berlusconi wanting Films to be interrupted by Ads on TV. Roberto Ando mentioned that when we re look at Fellini’s work we realise that his work was profoundly Political.   Roberto Ando feels that the unconscious desire to destroy Italian film production has been thwarted, despite Cinecitta production facilities being cut back. The pure enjoyment of “Viva la Liberta” reminds us of the cult 1960 Fellini films, “La Dolce Vita” & “8.1/2.”. “Viva La Liberta”,weaves strands between invention & reality.A modern political fairytale. This profoundly Italian & elegant, extremely funny, brilliantly acted film, somehow reminds us of the pleasure in sheer artistic intensity of the 1970’s cult films Francesco Rosi’s 1972″L’Affaire Mattei” with amazing Gian Maria Volonte, & the amusing stories told by French cineaste  Claude Sautet’s 1970 films with Romy Schneider & Yves Montand. European films have so much to offer in enjoyment.


vivalaliberta2 vivalaliberta3 vivalaliberta4 vivalaliberta5 vivalaliberta6 vivalaliberta7 vivalaliberta3

The Italian Film, “Great Beauty”. Scoops Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. Paolo Sorrentino Neapolitain Director is feted in Italy. 15 years since the Last Oscar for an Italian film.

"Great Beauty"

Italian Film “Great Beauty”. Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. Director Paolo Sorrentino. Starring Tony Servillo.


“Great Beauty”scooped the Oscar for Best Foreign language film to the great delight of the Italians. 15 years since the Italians last won an Oscar so Neapolitain Film Director, Paolo Sorrentino has been feted with parties given in his honour by Scorsese, Armani & others.”Great Beauty”, starring Tony Servillo, has already won a BAFTA award. Legendary Italian film maker,  Federico Fellini ‘s cult films La Dolce Vita & 8.1/2 won many prestigious prizes. And marked an epoch, the 1960’s. Inspirational for film makers around the world. Mythical, Felliniesque, a psychedelic moment of the mind-blowing 60’s.  Italian writers, film makers, artists, intellectuals can celebrate this Oscar, the magic of a shared heritage


Mimmo Rotella Italian “decollage”, artist, poet & tribute to Federico Fellini, “Felliniana”. Lieven de Buck Galerie current show St Paul de Vence, Nice, South of France


Mimmo Rotella  Italian artist 1918 – 2006. Italian artist & poet best known for his decollages. Made from torn, original period distribution & advertising posters, with their unique colourations. The Dolce Vita poster is one of the era’s most recognisable contemporary images.Featuring the film’s uber glamourous stars, Anita Ekberg & Marcello Mastroianni.     A timeless visual  on a par with the Andy Warhol images of Marilyn Monroe, or  Jacky Kennedy. Another strong personality from “epoca” Italian cinema is Sophia Loren, who is featured in several Mimmo Rotella “decollage” posters.         In 1997 Mimmo Rotella created a series dedicated to Fellini,  a series that he titled, “Felliniana”. Currently a selection of Mimmo Rotella posters can be seen by appointment at the Lieven de Buck Galerie in St Paul de Vence, near Nice in the South of France.




mimmo3 Mimmo Rotella Poster. (1918-2006) Sophia Loren


Mimmo Rotella (1918 – 2006) Hommage a Fellini


Mimmo Rotella (1918-2006) Felliniana


Mimmo Rotella (1918-2006) Sophia Loren


Mimmo Rotella (1918-2006) A Fellini inspired Clown…..


Federico Fellini.


Fondazione Federico Fellini is a fascinating archive for the inspirational Italian Cineaste, Federico Fellini. This is a poster that features his famous film “Juliette of the Esprits”, starring his muse & his wife Giulietta Masina