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Buccellati. Italian jeweller Buccellati gold lace and diamond rings……..launches new Buccellati collection for young Brides…


Buccellati diamond and gold lace for gorgeous,fairytale rings by Italian jeweller  Bucellati . Buccellati is famous for its 18 carat gold jewellery made  in Italy by Artisans using techniques that are hundreds of years old. Including silver pieces Buccellati produces approx 4000 pieces per annum

Buccellati High tech. 4th generation Lucrezia Buccellati is launching her new Bridal range for a young clientele. We feature sketches of  a delicate solitaire diamond engagement ring. & below a triple diamond  engagement ring from the new Buccellati  Bridal collection.  Courtesy Forbes.

Buccellati bridal new collection engagements rings


Ferrari 375 mythical Sports Racing car that famously won at the epic 1954 race at Silverstone & participated in the 1954 Mille Miglia, to be auctioned by Bonhams during Goodwood Festival of Speed, 27th June 2014.


Ferrari 375 mythical sports racing car,from 1954, to be auctioned by Bonhams June 27th 2014,during Goodwood Festival of Speed. Estimate is refer to dept @ Bonhams, car being sold without reserve. Chassis 0384 AM, Shown here during the epic 1954 Le Mans 24 Hours race with Paolo Marzotto & Umberto Maglioli. Copyright GP Library.


Marcel Massini at the wheel of the Ferrari 0384 AM during the epic 1954 Mille Miglia. copyright Marcel Massini. Ferrari 375 Sports Racer to be auctioned by Bohams during the Goodwood Festival of Speed 27th June 2014.


Ferrari Chassis no. AM0384 driven through Silverstone Paddock,1954, by Ferrari Chief Mechanic Stefano Meazza. Copyright GP Library. Ferrari 375 Sports Racer to be auctioned by Bonhams during Goodwood Festival of Speed 27th June 2014.


Racing Ace Gonzalez winning with the Chassis no 0384 AM at 1954 Silverstone. The Ferrari 375 Sports Racer to be auctioned by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 27th June 2014. Copyright SPITZLEY Collection. To be sold with No Reserve.


Ferrari 375 Sports Racer Plus Engine. Copyright Bonhams


Ferrari 375 Sports Racer Plus. Side view. Car to be auctioned by Bonhams during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, 27th June 2014.


Alessandro Preziosi stars in elegant Italian Television Mystery drama series, as Inspecteur de Luca. DVD launch by Arrow Films 14th April 2014. Inspired by the popular mystery Inspecteur De Luca stories written by Carlo Lucarelli. Director Antonio Frazzi.

Inspecteur de Luca

Italian Mystery series Inspecteur de Luca, due out on DVD April 14th 2014. After the success of Salamander, Arrow films launch Inspecteur De Luca, on DVD. After an initial showing on the BBC4  prime time slot on sats @ 9pm. Arrow Films are the distributors  of the brilliant Nordic noir series, Borgen, The Bridge,The Killing. This  elegant Italian series, Inspecteur de Luca is inspired by the popular mystery novels written by Carlo Lucarelli. The episodes are set between 1938-1948 from the height of Italy’s Fascist regime to the end of the tumultuous post war period. Inspector De Luca investigates & solves crimes in the city of Bologna & the seaside town of Riccione, along the Adriatic coast. Inspecteur De Luca is played by Alessandro Preziosi, the Director is Antonio Frazzi. The mystery stories adaptions are written by the author, Carlo Lucarelli, & Andrea & Antonio Frazzi, Laura Nuccetelli, & Laura Paolucci. Inspecteur De Luca is available  in Italian with English subtitles.


Paris. Rive Gauche Promenade. Rue Jacob, Boulevard Saint Germain, Place Furstemberg.

Kate Moss

Paris Rive Gauche Promenade on a sunny March 2014 weekend. Kate Moss an early photo, with montage effect in a Galerie Place Furstemberg. Gleaming green Beetle & decorated skull in a trendy rue Jacob Art Galerie. Gateaux at Mulot. Queues outside Laduree for delicious mini macaroons. Galeries & Bistrots on the rue Jacob,& Rue des Pres aux Clercs. Zuber panoramic wallpaper. Pierre Frey decors.  Rive Gauche Hotel Courtyards. Le Mondrian Brasserie on Boulevard Saint Germain. 

galerie2rjacob mulotmars14 mondrianr furstembergmars14 Furstemberg Laduree LadureeQ PARFUMERIErgMARS14 pierrefreymars14 mulotmars14:2 Zuber parisfleursRG Galerierjacob Pariscourtyard14