Alessandro Preziosi stars in elegant Italian Television Mystery drama series, as Inspecteur de Luca. DVD launch by Arrow Films 14th April 2014. Inspired by the popular mystery Inspecteur De Luca stories written by Carlo Lucarelli. Director Antonio Frazzi.

Inspecteur de Luca

Italian Mystery series Inspecteur de Luca, due out on DVD April 14th 2014. After the success of Salamander, Arrow films launch Inspecteur De Luca, on DVD. After an initial showing on the BBC4  prime time slot on sats @ 9pm. Arrow Films are the distributors  of the brilliant Nordic noir series, Borgen, The Bridge,The Killing. This  elegant Italian series, Inspecteur de Luca is inspired by the popular mystery novels written by Carlo Lucarelli. The episodes are set between 1938-1948 from the height of Italy’s Fascist regime to the end of the tumultuous post war period. Inspector De Luca investigates & solves crimes in the city of Bologna & the seaside town of Riccione, along the Adriatic coast. Inspecteur De Luca is played by Alessandro Preziosi, the Director is Antonio Frazzi. The mystery stories adaptions are written by the author, Carlo Lucarelli, & Andrea & Antonio Frazzi, Laura Nuccetelli, & Laura Paolucci. Inspecteur De Luca is available  in Italian with English subtitles.