ART14 Olympia. Galerie Primo Marella Gallery, Milan. Elena Micheletti specialises in Contemporary Asian Artists, with a Galerie in Beijing.

La Huy

Primo Marella Gallery in Milan specialises in contemporary art by artists from the Far East.Showing also at her Beijing Gallery.  Stunning, illuminated  presentation of Vietnamese artist La Huy. The glowing wax images, as translucent as ancient marble, of draped Buddhist togas,  have a contemporary resonance. Cultural memory is a theme for La Huy. We were happy to see Elena Micheletti, again,  the beautiful Milanese lady who has her Primo Marella Gallery at U.N.O. Viale Stelvio,66. Entrance to Gallery on Via Valtellina.Milan Italy. 




Entang Wiharso, presented by the Primo Marella Gallery.  A Milanese Gallery specialised in presenting CONTEMPORARY ASIAN ARTISTS . Entang Wiharso is a celebrated Indonesian Contemporary artist who has just exhibited at the Venice Biennale, contributing to the prestigious Indonesian Pavillion.   Primo Marella  Galleries in Milan Italy & Beijing China.



Venice Biennale 2013. Indonesian Pavilion. Entang Wiharso, whose works are featured in several Museums participated in the Biennale exhibition. Galerie Primo Marella in Milan specialises in Contemporary art from Asia. Galerie Primo Marella has an outlet in Beijing. Foto Venice Mack Mcfarland.