Borgen, The Bridge etc. NordicNoir Fest. Fans of riveting cult Scandinavian TV Noir turn out en masse for London’s weekend devoted to Nordic Noir & ScandiTV.

The Bridge

Nordic Noir,  Scandi Crime weekend heralded in a rainy February 2014 as masses of Fans queued round the block on a cold saturday morning from before 9am, at a venue off Brick Lane in London. The devoted fans of the Scandinavian  Cult TV Thriller series  The Bridge, Borgen, The Killing, Wallender, etc. were not disappointed. Teams from the series came & in a good natured manner  participated in a series of Panel discussions.  Several Scandinavian  Stars,  writers, composers, production people all speaking brilliant English.  Including, Sofia Helin, Kim Bodnia, Adam Price,  Pilou Asbaek, & ,Sidse Babett Knudsen, Halfden E, amongst others. The series are riveting, gripping, sophisticated story telling, quirky personalities & brilliant original filming,muted bluey grey colours. Not since the groundbreaking American series “Murder One” has Television been so breathtakingly excellent & absorbing.  5star ***** European  entertainment  that has found World wide success. The organisers even brought over to London Saga’s idiosyncratic mustard coloured Porsche. Often the only colour that features  in the films shot in the shades of grey palette of colours, that mirrors the image of the Oresun Bridge that links Sweden & Denmark, across the grey North sea, under  pale grey skies, very  Scandinavian. & haunting theme tunes.