WOW show by Helly Nahmad at Frieze Masters. Drawing a tremendous crowd of Art professionals every day. Helly Nahmad Gallery shows The Collector Installation & wows at Frieze Masters…. Helly Nahmad Galerie, Cork Street, Mayfair,London


Helly Nahmad Gallery, 2 Cork Street presents The Collector Installation at Frieze Masters. & Wows.  The large exhibit drew an immense crowd of people.It is an installation of an imaginary apartment set in Paris in 1968. Essentially the result of years of collecting, a remarkable journey of love. This evocative series of rooms strikes a resonance of our Artist’s Atelier where Marc & I lived so joyfully from 1976, near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris surrounded by our pictures, posters, collages, magazines, newspaper cuttings & bouquets of flowers, overlooking a garden with fig trees.atelier1