Dior Paris. J’Adore Dior. Chateau de Versailles Glittering Mirror halls shimmer to a Sensational marketing success for the Jean Jacques Annaud film, starring Charlize Theron, for Dior. TBWA Paris.


Dior perfume “J’adore Dior” . Perfume initially launched in 1999. Relaunched in September 2011 with a sensational new film directed by Jean Jacques Annaud, of “7 Years in Tibet” film fame. Ad Agency TBWA Paris. Made in the glittering Salon des Glaces, the famed Mirror halls of the Palace of Versailles.  The film glows with Charlize Theron,(Monster film) & images of legendary blondes, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe & Marlene Dietrich.The original amphore shape flacon was created by Herve Van de Staeten. In 2000 A launch of 500 limited edition flacons made  by Baccarat, in gilded crystal, Early 2012 a further 500 flacons  by Baccarat was followed end 2012 by a limited edition of 1000 flacons in crystal decorated in gold, made by the Italian firm,  Salviati,in Murano in association with glass artist Jean Michel Othoniel. There is a battle at the top of the sales, as Chanel No 5 remains a firm favourite in the French perfume market, J’Adore Dior is competing hard, and Thierry Mugler’s Angel stays on at no.3.In 2011 J’Adore Dior was reportedly achieving a turnover of 50.7 million Euros.Reportedly 4% of market share.

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