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ParkHyattMendozaCasinoAdventure in one of the World’s most fascinating regions, Latin America.

Hyatt Hotel Park, Mendoza. Argentina. To the east of the Andes, 600 miles (1000 kms) west of Buenos Aires, 1 hour 45 minutes by plane.

Hosts one of Latin America’s most successful & popular Gambling Casinos & a State of the Art Spa .

The city of Mendoza is set in the rolling vineyards & olive groves of the Mendoza region of Argentina,with views of the snow capped Andes. A comfortable hotel in a famous building, one of the most impressive of the exciting city hotels, in Argentina, the Park Hyatt Mendoza has a prize location on the beautiful & historic Plaza Independencia.

The Plaza Park hotel is a subtle combination of the new and the old. The protected facade of the old building has been maintained, the inside gutted to install a modern interior.

VINGTSTGERMAINDESPRESVARENNECheerful Susie knows Paris as well as any Parisienne, & will find you a marvellous apartment in Paris to let or to buy.

Image Saint German des Pres, Varenne. courtesy Vingt Paris

ARQANA11Race horse Yearling auctions, by the Deauville beaches……2 hours from Paris, France.

Image courtesy Arqana.

Auction calendar available.

AscotGoldCupLeadingLightbeingledinAll the news on the World’s best bloodstock…….& horse racing……

Photo Ascot Leading Light being led in Courtesy Getty Images

Royal Ascot 2014 - Day ThreeBet to race, wizard South American media that streams live races to bet on in the Americas & with links to certain other Territories.

Pan American Bloodstock Conference being organised in 2015.

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