David Bowie’s Inspiration for Ziggy Stardust. Kansai Yamamoto photos by Hiroshi Yoda. Other images with thanks to First View. Valentino & Gucci.


Kansai Yamamoto photo Hiroshi Yoda for Harpers Queen.1972/1973.  This photo inspired the David Bowie costume for Ziggy Stardust. Model Marie Helvin. Fashion Editor Jillie Murphy


Kansai Yamamoto photo by Hiroshi Yoda. With thanks

Kansai Yamamoto the 1970’s Design icon, worn notably by David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust tour.1972. Kansai’s extravagant images draw on the rich palette of Imperial Oriental History, textiles some  resemble  visual themes that can be found in vivid Japanese theatre back drops and curtains that illustrate legendary figures. The famous Hokusai’s print The Great Wave off Kanagawa inspired a Kansai Yamamoto robe.

Kansai studied civil engineering at school. Subsequently, When Kansai was 28, having already set up his own business,  Harpers & Queen featured Kansai on his debut cover for their “Explosion from Tokyo” issue.

Gucci Pre Fall 2017, showing an exuberance that could be inspired by Kansai Yamamotos’ designs of the 1970’s. Images Gucci with thanks.


Gucci Pre Fall 2017. Images Gucci with thanks.

Kansai Yamamoto’s 1970’s inspirations for Pre Fall 2017. Givenchy by  Riccardp Tisci. (First view) Valentino. Gucci. Images with thanks.

 Feature suggested by Alexander Fury’s piece for the New York Times International edition. With thanks.