Helly Nahmad Galerie has re-imagined Jean Dubuffet “The Asylum” concept for Frieze Masters 2015. A fascinating idea.

Helly Nahman

Helly Nahmad stunned the art world with his 2014 exhibit @ Frieze Masters, with his reconstitution of a 1960’s Paris Apartment of an “intellectual”.  This year again the Art Concept for 2015 is equally intriguing. Jean Dubuffet & The Asylum. In the asylum presentation works by Jean Dubuffet are reconnected with the art that originally inspired them. Dubuffet coined the phrase ART BRUT. A series of rooms in a Sanatorium in Switzerland, CIRCA 1945,  showing rooms painted by the inmates in their soft greens and pinks with windows that open on to the sunlight outside…….The painter Dubuffet was fascinated by the soft colours, harmonies and themes shown by the inmates. Dubuffet founded the Compagnie de l’Art Brut, which developed into a movement, showing initially in the basement Galerie of Rene Drouin.Works by de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Clyfford Hill hung alongside   works by Alfonso Ossorio who embraced Art Brut. Credirs Installation designer Robin Brown. Producer Anna Pank.  With a large team of artists,set decorators and graphics artists who have assisted Helly Nahmad London another moment in artistic time with Jean Dubuffet’s vision re-imagined.