Italian Film Premiere.”Viva la Liberta”. Scintillating, sophisticated, witty farce of modern day Italy.Italian Director Roberto Ando, adapted from his 2012 book,”Il Trono Vuoto”. Starring Tony Servillo (star of 2014 Oscar winner “Great Beauty”) also starring Valerio Mastandrea, & Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. A modern day Political fairytale.


“Viva La Liberta”. Scintillating Italian film, Directed by Italian Roberto Ando, adapted from his 2012 book, “Il Trono Vuoto”, “The Empty Throne”, which won the “Premio Campiello Opera Prima” prize. The book gave rise to much discussion in Italy when it was published with a famous article in Panorama, the Italian news magazine. “Viva La Liberta” was released in Italy 14th February 2014, just before the recent elections. “Viva La Liberta” had its UK Premiere last nite at the Institut Francais, Cine Lumiere,London in conjunction with Film Italia. “Viva La Liberta” stars Toni Servillo (star of 2014 Oscar winner “Great Beauty”) Valerio Mastandrea, & Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. The audience appreciated a witty & sophisticated film. A political Italian farce. A film in the best tradition of Italy’s  “Commedia dell’Arte”. A divine story of political apocalypse so hilarious & tragic, in a more profound degree. A fictionalised life of an imaginary Politician in Italy. A snapshot homage to the legendary Federico Fellini is included in the film, when Fellini voiced his feelings about Berlusconi wanting Films to be interrupted by Ads on TV. Roberto Ando mentioned that when we re look at Fellini’s work we realise that his work was profoundly Political.   Roberto Ando feels that the unconscious desire to destroy Italian film production has been thwarted, despite Cinecitta production facilities being cut back. The pure enjoyment of “Viva la Liberta” reminds us of the cult 1960 Fellini films, “La Dolce Vita” & “8.1/2.”. “Viva La Liberta”,weaves strands between invention & reality.A modern political fairytale. This profoundly Italian & elegant, extremely funny, brilliantly acted film, somehow reminds us of the pleasure in sheer artistic intensity of the 1970’s cult films Francesco Rosi’s 1972″L’Affaire Mattei” with amazing Gian Maria Volonte, & the amusing stories told by French cineaste  Claude Sautet’s 1970 films with Romy Schneider & Yves Montand. European films have so much to offer in enjoyment.


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