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The Human Factor

The Human Factor Italian suspense drama presented in London during “Cinema made in Italy”. & Initially presented during the Swiss lakeside Locarno Film Festival, August 2013. Starring Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Batiston, Sandra Ceccarelli, & Alice Raffaelli. First feature length film directed by Documentary maker, Bruno Oliviero.Cinematography by Renaud Pensonnaz created a modern ┬áItalian ambiance. The story unfolds as the leading character, investigating a murder, makes certain realisations in his job as a policeman,with the palpable presence of the past, trying to overcome the death of his wife. The role of the policeman gives an imprint to the style. As well as a fresh angle on Life as it deconstructs the ┬áNoir film a l’Italien. Silvio Orlando’s teenage daughter, desperate for attention, blurs the boundaries of the genre. Annecy France Cinema 2013,Special Jury Award Best Actor.Can thoroughly recommend this elegant Italian Film Noir. The ┬áinterrogations of the film’s final scenes are intriguing.

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