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The Human Factor

The Human Factor Italian suspense drama presented in London during “Cinema made in Italy”. & Initially presented during the Swiss lakeside Locarno Film Festival, August 2013. Starring Silvio Orlando, Giuseppe Batiston, Sandra Ceccarelli, & Alice Raffaelli. First feature length film directed by Documentary maker, Bruno Oliviero.Cinematography by Renaud Pensonnaz created a modern  Italian ambiance. The story unfolds as the leading character, investigating a murder, makes certain realisations in his job as a policeman,with the palpable presence of the past, trying to overcome the death of his wife. The role of the policeman gives an imprint to the style. As well as a fresh angle on Life as it deconstructs the  Noir film a l’Italien. Silvio Orlando’s teenage daughter, desperate for attention, blurs the boundaries of the genre. Annecy France Cinema 2013,Special Jury Award Best Actor.Can thoroughly recommend this elegant Italian Film Noir. The  interrogations of the film’s final scenes are intriguing.

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