Renaissance painter Michiel Coxcie. Presented by Sam Fogg Galerie, specialists in exquisite Medieval & Renaissance art……Frieze Masters Art Show London 15/19 October 2014.


Sam Fogg Galerie presents a rare pair of Renaissance Angels. Sensuous,vibrant. colours. Artist Michiel Coxcie 1499-1592. It is known that Michiel Coxcie was working in Brussels circa 1520. It would seem that he then went to Rome  where it is thought that  he worked with the great Masters, 1530-1539 Influenced by Da Vinci, & Raphael, & forming part of Michaelangelo’s inner circle. Sam Fogg Galerie 15 Clifford Street, Mayfair, showing at Frieze Masters, London 15/19 Oct 2014.