Marcello Mastroianni. Elio Petri. Micheline Presle.Italian Film from 1961.L’Assassino.


Arrow Films Home Entertainment new Release. L’Assassino from the cult era of 1961.Originally released within months of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, & Antonioni’s La Notte.  Arrow Films released July 21st 2014 a Blu Ray & DVD combo of L’Assassino with lots of special features. Elio Petri’s feature debut  directed Marcello Mastroianni & famous French film star, Micheline Presle in this dark, black & white kafkaesque thriller.A walk back in time as we see see the old black Alfa Romeos used by the Italian police. Under rated  Director Elio Petri said he wanted to reflect the changes wrought by the early 1960’s & to examine  a new generation of upstarts who lacked any kind of moral scruple. Tonino Guerra poet, co wrote L’Assassino, & he also worked on Antonioni’s Blow-Up, & Fellini’s Amarcord, during a period of inspirational Italian film making.

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