Michel Angelo Pistoletto, Galleria Continua presents an important body of work by Pistoletto, with a personal book signing. Frieze Masters London 2015.


Michel Angelo Pistoletto. Galleria Continua, Gemignano, presents at Frieze Masters London, 2015, an impressive body of work by Pistoletto, a series of portraits on mirrors, the portraits showing the turned backs  of men, perhaps lonely men Michel Angelo Pistoletto, born June 1933, is an acclaimed Italian Painter, and Intellectual, action & object artist,& art theorist. Pistoletto is part of the Arte Povera movement. Pistoletto’s work mainly deals with the subject matter of reflection, mirrors and the dynamism on the art work of mirrors & reflection, and everyday life in terms of Gesamtkunstwerk. Pistoletto forms part of the Italian diaspora of intellectuals that include the renowned  Italian writer, Umberto Eco. Maurizio Rigillo of Galleria Continua anticipated that this important  series of Pistoletto  paintings would be bought by a museum or Institution.