Paris. Rive Gauche Promenade. Rue Jacob, Boulevard Saint Germain, Place Furstemberg.

Kate Moss

Paris Rive Gauche Promenade on a sunny March 2014 weekend. Kate Moss an early photo, with montage effect in a Galerie Place Furstemberg. Gleaming green Beetle & decorated skull in a trendy rue Jacob Art Galerie. Gateaux at Mulot. Queues outside Laduree for delicious mini macaroons. Galeries & Bistrots on the rue Jacob,& Rue des Pres aux Clercs. Zuber panoramic wallpaper. Pierre Frey decors.  Rive Gauche Hotel Courtyards. Le Mondrian Brasserie on Boulevard Saint Germain. 

galerie2rjacob mulotmars14 mondrianr furstembergmars14 Furstemberg Laduree LadureeQ PARFUMERIErgMARS14 pierrefreymars14 mulotmars14:2 Zuber parisfleursRG Galerierjacob Pariscourtyard14