Richter painting for sale, est.$ 25-$35.000.000. Phillips 20th Century & Contemporary Art Auction New York 16th November 2016


Gerhard Richter’s Düsenjäger dates from 1963, the most important juncture in his career, when he had begun to create the Photo Paintings that were to garner such recognition. This picture dates from the very inception of Pop Art, and reveals both the similarities and differences between its incarnations on each side of the Atlantic. With its muted tones and political undertones, this is the embodiment of ‘Capitalist Realism,’ the German Pop Art movement founded at precisely this time by Gerhard Richter, Sigmar Polke and Konrad Lueg (who later became known as the gallerist Konrad Fischer). Looking at the official list of Richter’s paintings, which he began only the previous year, the importance of Düsenjäger becomes all the more apparent: it is listed as number ’13-a,’ one of the earliest of his recognised works. In addition, Düsenjäger is part of a small and celebrated group of pictures of warplanes, created by Richter between 1963 and 1964. Of these, four are in museum collections, all of them in his native Germany. Düsenjäger and another painting, Bomber, were the only ones from this series created in 1963, the others all coming the following year, underscoring its seminal importance. Text & image with thanks courtesy Phillips New York. 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale
New York Auction 16 November 5 PM EST. Estimate $25.000.000.  – $35.000.000