Salamander. A sophisticated European politico/thriller series set in Brussels. Star cast led by Filip Peeters. Arrow Films launch the 12 part series on DVD, on 17/03/2014. Recently shown on BBC4


Salamander. Sophisticated politico/thriller. BBC 4’s recent,12 part, saturday nite thriller following on the Nordicnoir films has been Salamander.A flemish language Belgian police drama. Sleek Filip Peeters leads a good cast. This is a European story, set in Brussels, drawing in strands of a Political thriller with a police investigation. Smooth action, no bad language,  a sophisticated, intriguing story, enjoyable sat nite viewing.Arrow films, as part of their quality International quality crime series, are launching the 12 part Salamander series on DVD from March 17th. Arrow Films also  distribute the Bafta Award winning Nordic noir  series Borgen,The Killing, The Bridge .