Simon Dickinson Cubisme collection & Bulletin of Cubisme, Cubisme overview. Frieze Masters London.


Cubisme. Simon Dickson’s Galerie dedicates his stand at Frieze Masters to a collection of Cubist paintings by famous artists of the Cubisme movement. To celebrate a stunning selection Simon Dickinson has published a “Catalogue” inspired by the L’Effort Moderne. Masters of Cubisme. a survey of Leonce Rosenberg’s Galerie de l’Effort Moderne.All the principal artists are featured, including, Delaunay, Picasso, Leger, Cezanne, Corbusier, Juan Gris, Braque, Hayden, Kupka, Metzinger, Mondrian, et al & memories of the Bateau Lavoir studios………

The catalogue is beautifully produced a stunning overview of one of the most important art movements in Europe,post 1st World War. Courtesy and with thanks Emma Ward Managing Director Simon  Dickinson Frieze Masters, 2015.