The Italian Film, “Great Beauty”. Scoops Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. Paolo Sorrentino Neapolitain Director is feted in Italy. 15 years since the Last Oscar for an Italian film.

"Great Beauty"

Italian Film “Great Beauty”. Oscar Best Foreign Language Film. Director Paolo Sorrentino. Starring Tony Servillo.


“Great Beauty”scooped the Oscar for Best Foreign language film to the great delight of the Italians. 15 years since the Italians last won an Oscar so Neapolitain Film Director, Paolo Sorrentino has been feted with parties given in his honour by Scorsese, Armani & others.”Great Beauty”, starring Tony Servillo, has already won a BAFTA award. Legendary Italian film maker,  Federico Fellini ‘s cult films La Dolce Vita & 8.1/2 won many prestigious prizes. And marked an epoch, the 1960’s. Inspirational for film makers around the world. Mythical, Felliniesque, a psychedelic moment of the mind-blowing 60’s.  Italian writers, film makers, artists, intellectuals can celebrate this Oscar, the magic of a shared heritage